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Helga Widder

academically certified specialist for TGI, state certified dog trainer (Inclusive Assistance Dogs), dog license examiner of the municipality of Vienna, TBH trainer and TBH examiner

We strengthen people with PSD syndrome and train their own dogs with them to a PSD according to US DoT standards

Animal-assisted intervention helps

It has been proven that animals, especially dogs, have a great positive impact on human mental health.

This is the starting point and idea of the EURO-DOGS.eu and for me great motivation to contribute myself and my know-how

Protection of animals

Animal welfare is very important to us. Without this it does not work. That’s why a big part of our training is that people can read their animals, recognize when they send out signals that indicate stress.

(Curriculum Vitae

In my life, animals and dogs have always played a major role

Recipient of the Mission Medal of the State of Vienna

Recipient of the Silver Medal of Merit of the State of Vienna

Founder of the association "Tiere als Therapie"

Founding member ESAAT - European Society for Animal Assisted Therapy

Deputy Chairwoman of TAT and TAT-WAZ and Deputy Chairwoman. President of ESAAT - interim President since 2021

Management and operational management of the TAT office

Authorized examiner for TAT therapy dogs since 1995, about 2000 dogs tested to date

TAT trainer for therapy dogs since 1999

Specialist for the use of farm animals in animal-assisted therapy"

since 20214 animal welfare tested dog trainer

Examiner for state therapy assistance dogs

Board Member "Dog-Audit"

President of the Austrian Puliclub

2001 - 2002

Coordinator of the TAT working group for the preparation of the concept of the university course “academically certified specialist for animal-assisted therapy and animal-assisted support measures”

2003 - 2005

Successful completion of the 1st TAT University Course as an academically certified specialist for animal-assisted therapy and animal-assisted support measures” with excellent success



Collaboration with the working group of TAT and ÖKL to create a concept for the training as a “specialist for the use of farm animals in animal-assisted therapy”


Participation in the working group of the Vet.Med.University of Vienna for
Creation of a curriculum for a bachelor’s degree program “Human-Animal Relationship”,

This training will take place from October
2012 offered as a Master’s degree at the Vet.Med.University of Vienna as part of the Messerli Institute

Other projects + activities

Ongoing successful projects with various organizations such as the Vienna Animal Welfare Association “From Shelter Dog to Therapy Dog”. ,with Volkshilfe “Homeless and their animals, A Gspia for the animal”, with the 23rd district of Vienna Liesing as part of the support for refugees

Lecturer in the university course, diploma course, as part of the nursing training Wilhelminenspital, nursing training Wisoz, specialist training at the Schottenhof, TAT animal trainer course, TAT basic training as well as at various conferences, trainings and workshops at home and abroad

About me

All my professional life, and even before, I try to understand why animals, especially dogs, have such a positive effect on needy and mentally ill people.

This also explains my CV, which has been dealing with this topic for decades and never lets go of me.

Now EURO-DOGS.eu comes as a new challenge. This project of the VFBB and the TAT-WAZ is about helping mentally ill people to take their dogs with them where this is not a matter of course.


Helga Widder
1230 Vienna – Liesing

Phone: +43 699 12017888