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Training courses 2022
A VFBB Non Profit Project

EURO-DOGS.EU trains PSD’s (psychiatric service dogs) and certifies appropriate animal/human partner teams.

Contents + Costs PSD Training Courses

We plan to hold our next PSDeurope training courses in small groups of maximum 2 x 5 human/animal pairs to really meet all requirements.

The training will be led (Corona related of course) by our experienced therapy and assistance dog trainer Helga Widder in combination with Burkhard Knapp.

Our training locations are 9081 Maria Wörth and 2371 Hinterbrühl near Vienna.

Course Cost:

  • Individual hour € 70 (appointment by appointment)
  • 3 days PSD training course € 390 per block course
  • Examination fee (on site) € 75

When booking a physical PSD training course, you will also receive automatic access to our PSDeurope theory course with 16 work sections and 93 course lessons.

Individual training + training courses

EURO-DOGS.eu in cooperation with PSDeurope, Maria Wörth offers individual training sessions and also periodic courses to train your dog to become a PSD.

Individual courses, or private lessons can be booked and held in your area. Please contact us for your individual offer. The corresponding costs consist of travel and lesson hours.

Training courses are currently held 2x a year (in spring and autumn). The training locations are currently in Austria (Maria Wörth + Vienna), although we are working on developing corresponding courses in Germany as well.

The training courses are organized in blocks of 2-3 days.

Training content includes elements of the PSDeurope training on how to properly practice and create the functional videos in practical training.

Please contact us if you are interested in these courses.


What Drives Us

Our Mission

We want to offer mentally impaired people who rely on your dog’s help to cope with daily life a way to train your dog so that he can be certified as a PSD (Psychiatric Service Dog).

In this way, we want to make our contribution to enabling this special group of people to travel with their dog without discrimination. Every Mesnsch should experience equal opportunities to shape their lives. In doing so, we apply the highest quality standards to the concept and certification. Not only the dog, but also the dog owner is trained.




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Our Team

Dr. Beate Pottmann-Knapp

Board VFBB – Founding Member – Psychotherapist

Helga Widder

Board TATWAZ – Founding Member – Assistant + Therapy Dog Trainer

Burkhard Knapp

Development, financing, concept,
Dog training