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the special training facility for assistance dogs with focus on Mental Disability

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Working framework



  • An assistance dog is trained for a specific person with specific mental deficits and forms an inseparable human/animal partner team with him or her
  • The psychological need of the dog for a specific person is a prerequisite for the assistance dog training of PSDeurope. There must also be written confirmation from a psychotherapist, psychiatrist or physician.
  • The PSDeurope training creates the conditions so that a certain person can travel with his dog without any problems and the requirements of airlines are met.
  • Additional conditions imposed by airlines or airline cooperations may be included in the training program and certification on a case-by-case basis.


  • Attendance and mastering of a training course in theory and practice
  • Presence training of the dog, related to the specific training content to the assistance dog Mental Disability. Proof of the dog’s trained skills via accompanying short videos. These are checked, approved or rejected with regard to language, correctness of content and specifications, compliance with animal welfare, general procedure as well as result by a licensed assistance dog trainer. The background to this approach is the limited ability of the affected group of people to participate in conventional forms of training. Live tests are prescribed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Preparation of an individual task list for the assistance dog for its owner, which is worked out together with the EURO-DOGS.eu dog trainer as well as the involved doctor or psychotherapist and implemented in terms of training.

Time expenditure

In addition to the aforementioned content-related prerequisites and skills, a framework schedule for training and theoretical studies must also be set and taken into account as part of the training. The minimum effort required by EURO-DOGS.eu is 150 hours over a period of at least 6 months, which you must plan for the training of your dog. An appropriate protocol shall be submitted prior to certification.

What we do

Our service

PSD Training Center

Our dog school is completely focused on training PSD dogs according to US DoT standards as well as assistance dogs for people with Mental Disabilities, as this training is very specific and takes into account both the training of the dog and the continuing education of the dog owner with mental disabilities.

Licensing + Certification

Each PSDeurope dog training within EURO-DOGS.eu follows a specific training program with elaborated special criteria for man and dog. Only when all defined criteria are fully met can and may the training be certified.

Promote bonding + relationship

In addition to the pure skills training of the dog, specially adapted to the requirements of globally active airlines in terms of safety and hygiene, a primary goal of PSDeurope and EURO-DOGS.eu is to promote the existing bond and relationship between specific dogs and humans and make it more stable.

Human / Dog Partner Team

The approach of EURO-DOGS.eu is not aimed at teaching the dog special skills, but wants to train the complete human/animal partner team, with all psychologically caused individual limitations, in such a way that the travel of the team is fundamentally safe and reliable.

We strengthen people and their support dogs

We are EURO-DOGS.eu, a functioning union of psychotherapists and specialized dog trainers from assistance and therapy dog training

We control the dog’s level of training and the human’s ability to understand his dog in the best possible way.

EURO-DOGS.eu as a training platform shows and supports mentally ill people how to train and support their dogs. Situations of daily life, undertakings, fun and joy are practiced – this security often leads to symptom relief

EURO-DOGS.eu and PSDeurope accompany the training. Videos from daily life give the best insight into how the human / animal / partner team acts and fits together. The videos are the foundation for further training steps, such as face to face conversations, webinars, reviews and supervised coaching.

What drives us forward

Our motivation

Mentally impaired people often perceive the world with completely different eyes than normal people do. The psychological limitation is extremely individual. Extensive studies on the subject of mental illness and limitations have clearly proven the positive influence of animals, especially dogs for the health of the mentally ill person. From this point of view we want to help these people to travel with their animals (especially dogs), even if this means taking the animal with them on a plane.

We hope that with our concept (created by the specialized supporting associations TAT-WAZ and VFBB) we have found a way to convince also European airlines that PSDeurope assistance dogs and human/animal partner teams trained by us are an enrichment of the current acceptance profile of possible passengers.