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EURO-DOGS.eu is a joint project of the associations “VFBB – Association for Bonding and Relationship between Man and Animal” and the “TAT-WAZ”, is the scientific branch of “Animals as Therapy”, the oldest and largest training association for companion and therapy animals in Europe.

The umbrella organization “ESAAT” “European Society for Animal Assisted Therapy” – https://www.esaat.org – also acts as a supervisor for the training content and certification guidelines.

Dr. Mag. Beate Pottmann-Knapp

Dr. Mag. Beate Pottmann-Knapp

Board vfbb and TAT WAZ and ESAAT ProjektleitungEURO-DOGS.eu

Psychotherapist, psychological counsellor, social and life counsellor with a special interest in animal-assisted work. Multiple book author on the subject of bonding and relationship between humans and animals. Responsible for the integration of psycho-social challenges into PSD training and within the framework of the EUR-DOGS.eu, more …

Dr. Beate Pottmann-Knapp studied psychotherapy sciences at the Sigmund Freud University of Vienna with a focus on how animals influence the human personality. She is particularly interested in the interplay of psyche and soma, i.e. spirit and matter. She therefore investigates the effects and effects of animals on the human psyche on the one hand, and trans-species communication on the other. As a psychotherapist, she has worked with children, adults and families. Her dog Gillike (Puli, Hungarian breed), a certified therapy dog, is always with her. Recently, she has started to give guest lectures to pass on her knowledge. Another book project is currently dealing with the socialization of puppies and attachment training.

She currently holds courses for further training in animal-assisted work in psychosocial fields of work and online supervision.

With great personal commitment, she supervises the ESAeurope project. It is motivated by the deep conviction that humans and animals come from the same stage of evolution, share the same world and that only respectful cooperation points the way to the future.

Chairwoman Helga Widder

Chairwoman Helga Widder

Board of Directors tat-WAZ and ESAAT and management EURO-DOGS.eu

Trained animal and dog trainer for therapy and assistance dogs, founder of TAT and TAT-WAZ (Animals as Therapy), successful breeder of Hungarian shepherd dogs (Puli), president of the first Austrian Puliclub, more …

Mag. Burkhard Knapp

Mag. Burkhard Knapp

Board vfbb and project coordination ESAeurope and EURO-DOGS.eu

Long-standing board member and managing director of various companies. Many years of experience in the training and keeping of dogs. Responsible for the concept and implementation of the training guidelines of VFBB, ESAeurope and EURO-DOGS.eu as well as their coordination, more …

Likes. Burkhard Knapp is responsible for technology, design, conception and administration within the framework of the VFBB and the ESAeurope and EURO-DOGS.eu projects.

He has always had dogs in his life all his life and it was not difficult to convince him of the importance and positive possibilities of EURO-DOGS.eu and ESAeurope.

I think that the idea of helping mentally ill people and their dogs play a good role in society is great and deserves any attention.