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What we do

about EURO-DOGS.eu
A VFBB Non Profit Project

EURO-DOGS.EU trains PSD’s (psychiatric service dogs) according to US DoT standards and certifies corresponding animal/human partner teams

History and background

At the end of 2020, the US Department of Transportation published the “Final Rule” for the transport of ESA (Emotional Support Animals) and PSD (Psychiatric Service Dogs) animals by plane. From now on, it is no longer possible for many airlines to take ESAs with them in the cabin when travelling by air. Instead, the US DoT recommends only accepting PSDs (Psychiatric Service Dogs) for air travel and keeping ESAs as normal pets “pets”.

This was the birth of the EURO-DOGS.eu, which, together with ESAeurope, developed a concept for the qualified training of PSDs. This concept fully implements the requirements and recommendations of the Fnal Rule of the US DoT and also trains appropriate human/dog partner teams and regularly certifies or recertifies them.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

We want to offer mentally impaired people who rely on your dog’s help to cope with daily life a way to train your dog so that he can be certified as a PSD (Psychiatric Service Dog).

In this way, we want to make our contribution to enabling this special group of people to travel with their dog without discrimination. Every Mesnsch should experience equal opportunities to shape their lives. In doing so, we apply the highest quality standards to the concept and certification. Not only the dog, but also the dog owner is trained.




Help for self-help

Our motivation

Why do we want to help?

The understandable decision of the US Department of Transportation to consider ESAs only as normal pets in the future has plunged many of our previous clients into great despair. Overnight it was no longer possible to ice together with the beloved partner dog.

What could we do?

Many of our clients asked us for help and assistance to certify their dogs as PSD (Psychiatric Service Dog) taking into account the new requirements. We had such a strong motivation to deal with the topic.

What solution were we able to develop?

Together with ESAeurope, another project of VFBB (Association for the Promotion of Bond and Relationship between Humans and Animals), we were able to develop a training concept with appropriate certification by trained therapy and assistance dog trainers. In order to meet scientific criteria in the context of training and certification, we were able to agree on cooperations with TAT -WAZ (the scientific branch of the association “Animals as Therapy”) as well as with ESAAT (European Society for Animal Assisted Therapy).

Why the cooperation with TAT WAZ and ESAAT?

Both associations have been involved in the training of therapy animals, mostly dogs, for years and offer help, support and scientific guidance. So what could be more obvious than to discuss and compare the training concept with both institutions.

Why is the concept interesting for airlines?

We are convinced that the certification guidelines of the US DoT Standards respond in a really convincing way to the special requirements of mentally impaired people and their limitations.

However, the training guidelines formulated by the US DoT for PSDs of mentally impaired people are currently not accepted by many European airlines (above all the Lufthansa Group), as the special feature of the PSD compared to other service dogs – in the conventional understanding mostly guide dogs for the blind – is still not seen in Europe. We hope that this will change and have therefore formulated strict training guidelines from the very beginning. Information sheet Special feature of the psychiatric service dog

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Our Team

Dr. Beate Pottmann-Knapp

Board VFBB – Founding Member – Psychotherapist

Helga Widder

Board TATWAZ – Founding Member – Assistant + Therapy Dog Trainer

Burkhard Knapp

Development, financing, concept