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EURO-DOGS.eu accompanies a PSD training exclusively in cooperation with ESAeurope. The training is currently aligned with the content and standards of the Final Rule,published by the US Department of Transportation.

ESAeurope and EURO-DOGS.eu are in regular contact with the US DoT for changes or additional provisions to be adopted immediately.

However, EURO-DOGS.eu and ESAeurope are open and try to take into account the regulations of airlines that do not allow passengers with PSD dogs according to the USDoT standards.

ESAeurope as the carrier of PSDeurope and EURO-DOGS.eu would like to support in the sense of the implementation of the CRPD 2006/2008 (UN-Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, article 9 paragraph 1) Airlines. 182 countries have committed themselves against discrimination and to provide all marginalized groups with the conditions they need to lead an independent life. In its Article 9(1), the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities requires its signatory states to take appropriate measures to ensure for persons with disabilities, on an equal basis with others, access to the physical environment, to transportation, to information and communication, including information and communication technologies and systems, and to other facilities and services open to or provided for the public in urban and rural areas.

Invitation: Corresponding ideas and conditions of airlines can be coordinated with us. We see ourselves as partners of service providers and employees and find solutions!

We are open to expanding our learning and training concepts accordingly in order to enable all passengers to have the same travel conditions.

If you are interested, please contact us HERE ... We will gladly present the education and training curriculum to you in detail!

Basic assumptions PSD Training

The concept of EURO-DOGS.eu assumes that it is not possible to train a PSD dog like a normal service or service dog, independently of the dog owner.

What is behind this assumption?

  • A person with psychological limitations is incomparable to others. There are almost never two or more people with the same restriction. An accompanying PSD dog must therefore be trained for the individuality of the assigned human.
  • The PSD dog forms with its human a well-rehearsed human/ animal partner team that only works in commonality and is not based on pressure or pure training, but on the bond and relationship of both.
  • These sensitive human-animal teams need a particularly good cooperation, to be able to “read” each other in order to be able to react to each other’s smallest stimuli.
  • The concept of EURO-DOGS.eu therefore provides for both beings to be trained and provided with the information necessary for the relationship to work.
  • A dog can only work by scale for its human, in that the bond of attachment is undisturbed and strong. The overriding principle is therefore: a PSD must under no circumstances be separated from its binding partner without its voluntary nature and a PSD must not be breached by its holder.
  • A training of the dog according to conventional standards and dog training concepts – as well as the keeping of the animal according to general standards for dog keeping can not work in the mental-psychiatric disease spectrum.

The PSD training concept helps the client to take his dog with him and to avoid unpleasant problems for the airlines and to ensure the necessary safety and protection of all passengers. The education of humans and animals is the key!



We professionally accompany the self-education of the dog owner for the specific support of his symptomatology by the dog.

  • Trained psychotherapists with experience in animal-assisted work train people,
  • Dog trainers with a lot of experience in training therapy and assistance dogs monitor the training specifications for the dog, taking into account animal welfare requirements.
  • Both psychotherapist and dog trainer accompany the human/dog team together until they reach their goals.

Method: We work according to the blended learning principle, adapted to the group of people.

We teach versatile, interactive, dynamic and flexible according to the symptomatology of the impairments.

Technology takes over the part of being physically present. By means of Internet access, students learn via streaming using stepbystep videos asynchronously, but also synchronously, i.e. live, to learn and exchange. Webinars, reviews, supervising coaching, self-study demo videos.

The design of the system is aimed at taking into account additional requirements of other airlines and adapting, expanding or even simplifying the concept.

We are convinced that the approach of combining psychotherapeutic elements – aimed at humans – and individual dog training gives airlines the optimal security and flexibility to transport mentally ill people with their PSD dogs.

  • Acquisition of additional customer strata
  • No delay in check in, boarding and disembarkation
  • No obstruction or frightening of other passengers
  • good behavior of man and dog
  • Know-how of the pssa greed, what is expected of him and his dog in order not to hinder flight operations
  • Knowledge of the right equipment and make sure to have it with you
  • correct behavior of the dog in “confined” space
  • Consideration of all possible hygiene measures

EURO-DOGS.eu – Contents of the training

Psychotherapeutic therapy session

EURO-DOGS.eu will only admit people to PSD training with your dog if the human demonstrably needs the dog to cope with daily life.

ESAeurope e-learning course

EURO-DOGS.eu will only carry out a certification if the dog owner has successfully completed an e-learning course developed by ESAeurope (chapter 16, 90 work areas).

PSD videos created by the client

Often it is not possible for a mentally ill person to visit dog schools or similar institutions. EURO-DOGS.eu therefore accepts and certifies self-created videos of the clients.

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